An Introduction to HR Renewal 1.0 Feature Pack 4

  • by Lars Knockaert , SAP HCM Consultant, Exaserv
  • David Bellers, Technical HCM Consultant, Exaserv
  • April 14, 2014
This article provides you with an overview of HR Renewal 1.0 Feature Package 4, along with advice on how to install and configure it.
Learning Objectives

Reading this article you will learn:

  • About what the HR Renewal 1.0 solution offers and what new functionality is provided with Feature Pack 4.
  • About the technology behind and requirements of Feature Pack 4.
  • How to configure and set up HR Renewal 1.0 Feature Pack 4.
  • How to deal with issues you may encounter with HR Renewal 1.0.
Key Concept

SAP Gateway is the technology that allows external applications, devices, environments, and platforms to connect to SAP systems in a secure way. It offers a unified and controlled framework through which new solutions can be developed to offer support to custom mobile or Internet applications. By using the Open Data (OData) protocol and REST service approach, SAP Gateway offers support for many languages, which allows connectivity to almost any possible environment.

Technology is constantly evolving and offering new ways for doing everyday tasks in a friendlier way. As such, it is important that companies continue to innovate and ensure that users of their products are provided with the best their products have to offer. With this in mind, SAP has released HR Renewal, the new environment for HR professionals (e.g., end users in the HR department), managers, and employees.

SAP recently released HR Renewal Feature Package 4, which is a Web-based solution developed using SAP’s new development environment called UI (User Interface) Development Toolkit for HTML5, or more commonly referred to as SAPUI5. SAPUI5’s technology allows for the development of user-friendly Web applications that connect to SAP systems in various ways, mainly using SAP Gateway.

For more details about SAPUI5, follow this link:

Lars Knockaert

Lars Knockaert is an SAP HCM consultant at Exaserv. He has over four years of experience working as a Time Management and lead technical consultant on several international projects. Lars is an SAP-certified Development Associate with a healthy curiosity towards new and innovating technologies.

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David Bellers

David Bellers is a Technical HCM Consultant with Exaserv, where he is part of the products team. He has worked in SAP for more than two years. He specializes in the technical field, working on internal projects like Exaserv’s AdminTool and Bodhi Portal, and offering support for existing products, such as Exalerate Ci. In addition to being a developer, David contributes to the research of new technologies involving SAP, and has experience in various environments, including iOS, SAPUI5, and SAP Gateway.

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