Create an ESS Implementation That Users Will Love

  • by Rob James, SAP Consultant, Absoft
  • May 15, 2005
Many businesses would like to customize Employee Self-Service (ESS) to meet employee requests, but it’s difficult to know where and how to begin. See how one project team facilitated a smooth change management process by making modifications to its ESS environment to the applause of its users.
Key Concept
User buy-in is essential to ensure a successful ESS implementation. If the “look and feel” of the solution is not right, users find it difficult to engage with the system. Some users will focus on screen layouts and behaviors, while others will care more about aesthetics. The key to achieving a high rate of user buy-in is to have a strong change-management plan in place.

Companies are drawn to Employee Self-Service (ESS) for good reason. It offers an effective approach to recording and managing HR information, allowing the HR team to focus less on administrative tasks and more on specialist HR and strategic development issues. However, achieving an effective implementation is not as straightforward as it might seem.

I recently helped the UK branch of a leading pharmaceutical company successfully implement ESS. Here, I highlight some of the challenges we faced and provide you with a better understanding of how to get the most out of an ESS environment. In particular, I explain why my client found SAP’s standard ESS solution limited and describe how the project team addressed those concerns by customizing ESS using HTML and Business HTML. Those customizations had a substantial impact on user buy-in, smoothed implementation, generated excellent levels of user acceptance, and provided real business benefits for the client.

Rob James

Rob James is an SAP consultant for one of the UK’s leading SAP consultancies, Absoft. He has more than eight years of management information experience and more than three years of SAP experience. Rob is BW certified and has implemented and supported projects across various industries. He has a wealth of experience in ITS applications, particularly Online Store and ESS, as well as other Web technologies such as CRM Internet Sales, WAS, ASP, JavaScript, and Java.

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