How to Configure Eligibility Conditions in SAP ERP HCM Benefits

  • by Mohan Paul Varghese, Advisory Manager, PwC
  • October 9, 2013
Learn about the processes, configuration, and usage related to both dynamic and fixed benefits eligibility conditions in the SAP ERP HCM Benefits module. If a non-SAP system provides the time capture functionality, then infotype 2001 (attendance) has to be populated with the attendance hours for the dynamic eligibility functionality to work. Discover how to configure dynamic and fixed eligibility conditions with attendance hours being captured in SAP ERP HCM.
Key Concept

An infotype audit trail report is created to track the following:  

  • What changes are executed by the users
  • Who has executed the changes
  • When the changes have been executed

Any changes made to HR master data can be monitored by configuring an infotype audit trail report.

The Benefits module, which is a key SAP ERP HCM module, integrates with both the Time and Payroll modules. Within organizations the eligibility conditions can vary based on the grouping of employees. Some examples of employee groupings are:

  • Regular or permanent employees
  • Temporary employees
  • Expatriates
  • Students
  • Part-time employees

There are two eligibility conditions for employees working in an organization; both of these can be configured in SAP ERP HCM:

  • Fixed eligibility conditions (i.e., employees who complete six months of work from their hire date are eligible for benefits; these conditions are time bound and are, in this case, fixed by the number of months).
  • Dynamic eligibility conditions (i.e., the measurement of time for the condition is dynamic and not fixed; the time frame may be total number of hours worked during the time evaluation period. For example, a part-time employee may take a year to reach the eligibility requirements of working 1,000 hours, but a full-time employee may meet the requirement in six months).

I show you how to configure these methods and the benefits of each.

Mohan Paul Varghese

Mohan Paul Varghese is an Advisory Manager with PwC based in Seattle, WA. He has been helping clients implement SAP ERP HCM on-premise/in the cloud for more than 15 years. He has been involved in large, full-scale SAP ERP HCM implementations using the breadth and depth of SAP modules. Prior to PwC ,Paul worked with SAP, Accenture, and HP.

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