Keep Your Systems in Sync with SAP’s Cross-Client Table Compare Function

  • by Greg Newman, HCM Consultant, Newhit Ltd.
  • November 15, 2005
Learn how to optimize your use of SAP’s cross-client table compare function. You can use it to compare your system to SAP standard settings and locate customization discrepancies.
Key Concept

Remote Function Call (RFC) is a connection is between two SAP clients or systems. Transaction SM59 maintains RFC destinations. The Basis team normally sets up RFC connections. It can configure the RFC connection using your own user authorizations. Alternately, the team can set up a default user, which means you don’t need to be set up in the destination system. This is especially useful when working with client 000, because you want as few users as possible logging onto that client so that it isn’t accidentally modified.

Before you start any testing in your SAP system, it is essential that your configuration settings are the same across your development, test, and production boxes. If your configuration differs, then you cannot guarantee that any testing you do will have the same effect when it is done for real in production. One way to compare system settings is to log on to both systems, capture screenshots, and compare them. However, this method can take a long time and you may overlook a change.

I’ll show you how to use SAP R/3’s cross-client table compare function that does the hard work for you. I’m demonstrating this standard functionality with an R/3 4.6 system, but it also works with newer releases. It shows you all the records that are only in one system and not the other and flags any differing records that are in both. The table comparison tool uses a Remote Function Call (RFC) connection to log onto another box or client and compare the table entries between them.

Greg Newman

Greg Newman is originally from New Zealand, and has been implementing and supporting HR and Payroll systems since 1999. He has worked on numerous SAP HR and Payroll implementations for Great Britain, the Republic of Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and several other international rollouts. Currently Greg is a managing consultant working for Newhit HR and Payroll Solutions in England.

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