Protect Emailable PDF Payslips with Encryption

  • by Kees Bond, Principal Consultant, CIBER Netherlands BV
  • June 5, 2012
SAP offers a program to convert payslips to PDF format, but the forms are not encrypted. See how to encrypt payslips in SAP ERP Central Component and send them automatically by email to employees.
Key Concept

In order to securely email sensitive data over the Internet, users first must have the capability to convert documents into PDF format. SAP offers function modules to transfer pay slips in the spool file to PDF, but no functionality to encrypt this sensitive information. Encryption can be done in several ways, most of them manually, but there is way to automatically encrypt them, saving time and effort.

The SAP system uses standard programs to create payslips. Each country has its own program but they all have the same features. An example is program RPCEDTN0, which is specific to the Netherlands. These programs create payslips, which are placed in the spool of the SAP system. However, the SAP system does not automatically encrypt this sensitive data so that it can be sent securely over the Internet. I show you how to use the payslips in the spool, convert them to encrypted PDF files, and email them to the addresses stored in SAP ERP HCM infotype 0105 of the employees.

This article assumes that you already have a program for transferring payslips to PDF format. I do, however, explain what such a program should look like, how it can be extended to enable encryption, and how to send the encrypted PDF via email. Please feel free to contact me at the email address listed at the end of this article if you have questions about or problems with building this program.
The functionality discussed in this article is available from SAP ERP Central Component (SAP ECC) version 4.5 on.

To be able to send payslips by email, the email address of the employee has to be present in the SAP system. Normally infotype 0105 (subtype 0010) is used to register an email address. (For the purposes of this article, I am assuming that you know how to register an email address in infotype 0105.)

Following is a list of the steps you should perform to enable converting payslips in the spool to encrypted PDF format.

Kees Bond

Kees Bond is a senior HCM consultant and ABAP consultant with 17 years of experience with SAP. He followed an HBO education in Amsterdam and lives in the Netherlands.

He started his SAP career in the first Dutch hospital to implement SAP. He was responsible for the implementation of the HCM module components PA, OM, time, and payroll. Currently, Kees is working as a principal consultant for CIBER Netherlands BV.

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