Quickly Turn SAP Reports and Payslips into PDF Files for Easy Emailing and Storing

  • by Greg Newman, HCM Consultant, Newhit Ltd.
  • October 15, 2006
Use the little-known SAP standard report RSTXPDFT4 to create a PDF version of any SAP report output. You can then easily store, transfer, or email the PDF file to other team members or even to employees or external bodies. This saves you time and protects your output from users who might inadvertently change the data while trying to format it.
Key Concept
A spool file is SAP’s way of temporarily storing data to print within the system. If you save a document to your spool file instead of immediately printing it, you can access the print job at a later date, or you can have someone else print it for you. By saving your file as a spool file, you make it possible for someone else to print that file in another location (e.g., someone in the printing department with access to a payslip or color printer).

One of the great aspects of SAP’s HR suite is its reporting capability. However, many users find it difficult to transfer their reporting outputs to other users. Users often end up downloading their output to Microsoft Word or Excel and must then reformat it. Besides being a drain on time, this method also allows another user to change data in the report. This can become a problem when members of other departments ask you to email reports or when employees ask for copies of their past payslips or end-of-year summaries.

Luckily, I have a solution. Using a simple SAP standard report, you can turn any report into PDF files and then easily email or transfer them without worrying about corrupting or changing the information. Users can also send employee payslips to mortgage approvers and other interested parties using this method. To demonstrate the reporting capabilities, I am going to take you through the steps to generate an employee’s payslip and turn it into an email-ready PDF file.

Greg Newman

Greg Newman is originally from New Zealand, and has been implementing and supporting HR and Payroll systems since 1999. He has worked on numerous SAP HR and Payroll implementations for Great Britain, the Republic of Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and several other international rollouts. Currently Greg is a managing consultant working for Newhit HR and Payroll Solutions in England.

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