Report Audit Tool Refines Data Security

  • by Raghavendran Parthasarathy, Principal Consultant, Hexaware Technologies
  • March 31, 2009
The log of report auditing tool, which is not widely used, can enhance employee personal data protection. See how to configure it in your system.
Key Concept

Report RPUPROTD (log of report) is a tool offered in standard SAP R/3 from 4.0B onwards, including SAP ERP. Log of report shows information about the name of the report, the user who ran the report, the date and time on which the report was started, and the report parameters and selection options used to run the report.

The log of report is a much underused but highly useful tool used for tracking or determining critical reports that users have accessed (such as those with personal data information). You can use the report information to determine if the employee who ran those reports did so in violation of HR policy and whether action against the employee is warranted. For example, suppose somebody runs a report that contains employee salary details. The audit or HR department can easily identify the users who ran the report and ask for an explanation.

To activate this log of report functionality, you need to do a small amount of configuration in the IMG, particularly if you need specific reports tracked. Many users think that all reports are automatically tracked, but this is not the case. Configuration to track the use of a specific report isn’t difficult; you just need to configure the HR report attributes table (V_T599R) to include that report name. You can see how to include the report in the attributes table in Figure 1.

Raghavendran Parthasarathy

Raghavendran Parthasarathy works for Hexaware Technologies as a Principal Consultant,where he manages SAP solution design for customers across the globe. He has worked in SAP ERP HCM for over 14 years in various capacities, including payroll projects in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia/Pacific. In addition to payroll, Raghavendran has experience in negative time management, personnel administration, and recruitment. He has also been a part of portal implementations. Currently, he is involved with cloud-based HCM applications such as SAP SuccessFactors and Workday.

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