A Direct Method to Link Transaction Codes to SAP Queries

  • by David Zhou, Consultant, Whitaker-Taylor
  • January 29, 2015

Learn about an SAP ERP HCM feature that allows users to link transaction codes to SAP Queries. With it, users can conveniently access the desired transaction codes for the outputs obtained through running an SAP Query. Following the step-by-step process outlined here, users can easily adopt this functionality and link transaction codes to SAP Queries.

Many users use SAP Queries to help create reports that fit their needs and certain selection criteria. Designed for ease of access, an SAP Query allows users to report on items that are not offered by standard SAP reports. With very little technical knowledge required, the SAP Query report function gives easy access to certain information and data. After discovering the great tool that’s the basis of this article, I tried to find additional SAP Query steps or processes that users can take advantage of. Keeping feasibility in mind, I looked for ways to simplify SAP Queries and bring more functionality to users.

Exploring the SAP Query toolset more deeply, I discovered this easy way to give users direct access to outputs and automatically direct them to the appropriate selection screen for the selected transaction code for a particular output entry. Simply by double-clicking the output and using this shortcut (e.g., linking the transactions within the Queries), users gain the ability to smoothly transition from SAP Query results to the appropriate selection screen for any particular transaction code. Adopting this shortcut eliminates the need to open two different sessions or having to remember the particular outputs from running an SAP Query.

To illustrate a business situation that would benefit from this functionality, imagine an HR user wishes to find and change the basic pay infotype for all active employees of the business located in a certain personnel area and belonging to a certain payroll area. In this case, the user would run an SAP Query that produces all the associates who belong to the desired personnel and payroll areas. Then, with transaction code PA30 linked to an SAP Query, the user can double-click the output of the SAP Query (the employee’s personnel number or name) and directly access that employee’s transaction code PA30 screens and change the basic pay infotypes.

In order to implement the functionality I discuss, simply follow these steps:

David Zhou

David Zhou is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology and has worked as an HCM Consultant at Whitaker-Taylor for over two years. His areas of focus in SAP ERP HCM include the Organizational Management and Personnel Administration modules, and he enjoys finding new ways to increase the business efficiency within these two core areas of SAP ERP HCM.

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