Quick Tip: Two Steps to Simplify Holiday Processing in Time Evaluation Using Function LIMIT

  • by Jean-Philippe Dupuis, Senior SAP HCM Consultant, IN-RGY
  • April 13, 2016

The SAP ERP HCM Time Evaluation SUM operation, although useful in cumulating day balances over a given period, is somewhat limited when it comes to its period-processing functionality because these periods are static. Learn about an uncommon way to use the LIMIT function in Time Evaluation to overcome this restriction, and how it can be especially useful in holiday processing.

Many collective agreements and legislative authorities require specific, sometimes complex, requirements for employee eligibility for statutory holiday pay. One of these common requirements is to work X number of days (or hours) in the N days prior to a holiday. Function LIMIT can substantially simplify the processing of this requirement.

One of the most tedious eligibility requirements for holiday pay has always been checking how many hours or days (or a combination of both) an employee has worked prior to the holiday. Many time-consuming methods exist to check this requirement, such as setting up a huge number of rolling time types to be updated on a daily basis via complicated personnel calculation rules (PCRs), or by creating a large amount of custom-period parameters in table T549Q to be used with operation SUM. Although these techniques work, a simple, and often overlooked, method is to use the LIMIT function and table V_T559P in conjunction with a few simple PCRs.

Reading this article, you will learn how to:

  • Easily configure eligibility requirements based on time worked preceding a statutory holiday
  • Use the LIMIT function to compensate for the SUM operation’s limitations

Jean-Philippe Dupuis

Jean-Philippe Dupuis has over 18 years experience working in the SAP ERP HCM. He is an expert in SAP HR Time Management and has lead projects in the transportation, telecommunications, manufacturing, and entertainment industries. He is currently working as a Senior SAP HCM Consultant at IN-RGY, based in Montréal, Québec.

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