Invaluable SAP Learning

"We have incorporated so many tips, fixes, and instruction from SAPexperts over the past few years that I sometimes wonder where we’d be without it.” – Shawn Foley, Ogilvy New York

You invested too much in SAP technology to risk losing its benefits by under-informing your staff. SAP Experts puts validated instruction and answers at your team’s fingertips. 

SAP Experts is comprised of five knowledgebases. You can subscribe to all five, or any knowledgebase individually. Each knowledgebase is packed with invaluable step-by-step instruction, best practices, case studies, tools, and tips for people who deploy, manage, support, configure, and customize SAP solutions. Subscriptions last for 12 months.

All expertise from SAP Experts is independent and 100% validated by a board of technical advisors. Our editorial staff ensures that everything you access contains no marketing and no hidden agendas, guaranteeing your team gets accurate, factual, and proven information.  

Hear what other SAP professionals around the world say about relying on the SAP Experts as a trusted learning tool.

With the SAP Experts, Your Team Will:

  • Accurately plan and complete projects on time and on budget
  • Experience easier implementations and upgrades
  • Solve technical challenges quickly
  • Avoid costly errors
  • Improve existing processes
  • Save time and training/consulting fees
  • Keep their skills sharp as SAP technology evolves

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