Best Practices for Developing the SAP UI5 Control Enhancement Framework

  • by Sandesh Darne, Mobility Practice Head, L&T Infotech
  • September 22, 2014
Learn from Sandesh Darne how to quickly and efficiently create new SAP UI5 controls or enhance existing controls to improve users’ web or mobile experience.
Learning Objectives

By reading this article you will learn:

  • A decision-making process to help you decide whether to develop a new component or enhance existing SAP UI5 controls for web or mobile applications
  • How to identify and re-use existing SAP UI5 control functionalities
  • When and where to introduce new functionalities or discard existing functionalities of a component to suit current needs
  • A development code strategy with simplification and minimal effort
Key Concept

The SAP UI5 technology framework comes with a set of visual and non-visual user interface (UI) controls to develop web or mobile enterprise applications. It offers an enhancement framework to generate additional UI controls with new enhanced functionalities. With a conceptual design understanding of the basic SAP UI5 control framework and following well-proven enhancement guidelines, a developer can rapidly map the majority of the functionalities of existing controls to the required new controls. Further, integration flexibility of third-party libraries and effective JavaScript and JQuery language ease development efforts to quickly achieve the final desired control functionalities.

Although the SAP UI5 technology framework offers a variety of application controls, there is always a need to generate more controls suited to the enterprise application under development. Like any other framework, SAP UI5 facilitates an enhancement framework to fulfill such requirements. The enhancement framework can help developers to define new controls or modify or extend existing controls. Many times a developer ends up creating totally new controls to satisfy an exact need rather than attempting to extend an existing one for these reasons:

  • Could not figure out how an existing control could provide the exact or nearby functionalities for new control
  • Could identify nearby existing control, but failed to extend it due to the complexity of the original control design and was not sure how and which functions to re-write or drop
  • Existing control fails to meet the demand of further intuitive navigation functionalities
  • Could not provide dynamic user interface (UI) behavior
  • UI demands more animation or transitions with respect to user interactions
  • Alignment of control theme to company corporate theme
  • Existing control interaction with mobile device features

Sandesh Darne

Sandesh Darne is a senior lead for the Consulting ERP Practice at L&T Infotech, India. He leads a group of senior consultants whose primarily focus is on SAP upgrades and SAP usability consulting services. He also directs the SAP NetWeaver Portal and the SAP Center of Excellence, which focuses on excellent practices in organizations. He is certified in SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse 3.5. He has also worked in the product development department of L&T Infotech where products such as ZoomUP, eALPS, and CodeReview were built and used as accelerators for SAP upgrade projects.

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