How to Integrate Solution Manager with Worksoft Certify

  • by Ramesh Chandra, Senior SAP Solution Manager and CRM Consultant, HBO Consulting
  • November 27, 2012
Ensure your automatic testing is working properly by integrating Solution Manager 7.1 with Worksoft Certify.
Key Concept

Integrating SAP Solution Manager with Worksoft Certify allows you to create, edit, and execute the Worksoft Certify processes (test scripts) from SAP Solution Manager. SAP Solution Manager contains test assets and links to business processes. If you integrate SAP Solution Manager with Worksoft Certify, Worksoft Certify test processes are linked to the business processes in SAP Solution Manager. From Solution Manager, you can create and edit Worksoft Certify test processes, execute Worksoft Certify processes, and review the results. You can store all results in a single repository in SAP Solution Manager. 

For any business it has always been a great challenge to test end-to-end business scenarios. Changes happen in both process and functionality, either during production support or new implementations. To keep up with these changes, systems must be thoroughly tested. Automated tests take much less time and effort to execute by comparison with manual testing.

Solution Manager 7.1 provisions end-to-end test management and acts as a central point of access to SAP and other third-party test capabilities to get the maximum benefit. However, the default test management capabilities only support SAP systems, so to test non-SAP systems you need a third-party tool as well. There are many solutions you can use for end-to-end automation, including HP QuickTest Professional, Micro Focus, and IBM Rational. Another is Worksoft Certify, positioned for business users looking to perform testing without any coding experience. Worksoft Certify integrates with SAP Solution Manager 7.1 to perform testing across your entire SAP ecosystem, multiple upgrades and enhancements, system changes, and legacy tools, while providing error reporting and documentation functionality. It is licensed separately, but has an SAP-certified interface (integration with SAP NetWeaver), so you don’t need an additional adapter to integrate.

Solution Manager 7.1’s Test Automation Framework (TAF) then allows you to create, edit, execute, and view the results of Worksoft Certify automated processes from within Solution Manager in the perspective of the Business Process Hierarchy (BPH). You can also link Worksoft Certify processes to Solution Manager.

I’ll show you how to integrate Solution Manager 7.1 and Worksoft Certify to improve your end-to-end testing and ensure that changes are properly tracked. First, here are some prerequisites:

  • Solution Manager 7.1
  • Worksoft Certify 8.5.1 or higher
  • SAP GUI 7.02 or later
  • Logical components for managed systems deliberated for testing in the Solution Manager system landscape
  • Lean solution documentation for business processes

I’ll take you through the following procedure:

Ramesh Chandra

Ramesh Chandra is a senior SAP Solution Manager and CRM consultant with HBO Consulting, a South African and Indian-based company focused on delivering cloud-based test and validation services. He is a postgraduate in management MBA (marketing and systems) from Anna University, India. He has more than seven years of experience in SAP project implementations and upgrades in both SAP CRM and Solution Manager, including Service Desk, ChaRM, test management, and Business Process Change Analyzer (BPCA).

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