How to Use Synonyms and Dynamic Parameters in Procedures with SAP BW Powered by SAP HANA 7.5 Support Package 4 to Compensate for Missing OLAP Variables

  • by Joerg Boeke, Independent BW Senior Consultant and Solution Architect
  • August 16, 2017
Get a detailed guide (including SAP HANA SQL code snippets) for how to speed up your SAP HANA calculation views by avoiding obsolete data at the database level. (The code in this article can be used as a reference for building your own procedure library for later use.) Learn about a dynamic method for reading data from any existing SAP HANA or SAP BW table. Finally, get new ideas about how to use SAP HANA data staging to speed up data loading and reporting.
Learning Objectives

Reading this article, you will learn:

  • How to implement SAP HANA procedures that can be used such as ABAP online analytical processing (OLAP) variables
  • About three different approaches for creating SAP HANA procedures
  • About SAP HANA synonyms
  • How to speed up your SAP HANA calculation views by avoiding unwanted data
  • How to dynamically access SAP tables and avoid SAP HANA schema name conflicts due to transports in your SAP BW landscape 
Key Concept
One issue with SAP HANA is that unnecessary data is sometimes pulled from the database when using SAP HANA calculation views. This can be avoided by using SAP HANA table synonyms and procedures to access SAP HANA and SAP BW with very little effort. Like ABAP function modules, procedures can be used to implement logic and calculations that cannot be done in standard calculated columns. 

Once companies have made the switch from an SAP BW standard relational database to an SAP BW powered by SAP HANA database, their focus moves to trying to speed up processes in the SAP BW environment. The big advantage of using SAP HANA is not just increased speed and the move to a newer database; it also offers a reduction in redundant SAP BW data and more streamlined functionality (by moving functionality from the application server to the SAP HANA database layer) with its modern tools and architecture. I currently make use of SAP HANA functionality such as calculation views as much as possible to feed CompositeProviders, the successor to MultiCubes in SAP BW. This, in turn, leads to new challenges due to the absence of online analytical processing (OLAP) variables (e.g., current year).

Before, when using standard SAP BW based on a relational database, it was easy to use OLAP variables to filter data in data transfer packages (DTPs) or InfoPackages when loading data to persistent InfoProviders. The modern concept of keeping as much data as possible in SAP HANA and using views instead of persisting data results in a lack of OLAP variable options. OLAP variables that were used in the old SAP BW world are executed in the ABAP application-server environment, but selecting native SAP HANA database tables makes those variables inaccessible.  

Joerg Boeke

Joerg Boeke is an SAP NetWeaver BW solution architect and senior consultant working with BIAnalyst GmbH & Co.KG, with 19 years experience in SAP NetWeaver BW, having worked on it since SAP BW 1.2A. He offers significant expertise in the SAP NetWeaver BW reporting area, including design, data integration, data visualization, performance optimization, and the cleanup of existing SAP NetWeaver BW systems. He is the author of SAP BW 7.x Reporting - Visualize your data.

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