Integrate Your SAP System with Handheld RF Devices Using ITSMobile

  • by Atul Mehrotra, Manager – Remote Delivery, itelligence, inc., an NTT data company
  • December 12, 2012
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Walk through the process of developing radio frequency transactions using ABAP and ITSMobile. Understand how to create and publish ITSMobile services, the process for selecting RF hardware/devices, and the process of deploying RF transactions on RF devices. Get some lessons learned for adjusting ITS HTML templates without ABAP coding and some tips for making RF devices more user friendly before deploying them in the warehouse for day-to-day operations.
Key Concept
ITS in ITSMobile stands for Internet Transaction Server. SAP came up with the ITS server concept back in early 2000 to enable users run SAP transactions on the Internet (Web browsers). At that time the ITS server was a standalone server only, but now it is integrated as a part of the SAP Web Application Server (Web AS). The concept is to create a HTML template for each Web Dynpro screen and Web-enabled SAP transaction.

When you implement an SAP system for a warehouse you have to keep in mind the needs of end users – workers moving around the warehouse taking products out of bins or putting products in bins. If these workers use the SAP system to perform day-to-day warehouse operations, they need mobile radio frequency (RF) devices that they can carry in their hands. Therefore, it is important to know how to develop SAP transactions that you can run on handheld RF devices.

When I was given the responsibility of implementing SAP for a warehouse operation, I didn’t find one document that told me all that I needed to know for the technical development of RF transactions for a warehouse. I hope that this article closes that gap and provides all that a technical developer or technical project manager needs to know before getting started with a warehouse management SAP project.

Atul Mehrotra

Atul Mehrotra is the manager, remote delivery, with itelligence, inc., an NTT data company. Atul started his career with SAP in 1996 and since then he has worked in various capacities including as a developer, development team lead, technical project manager, and technical solution architect in over 20 SAP implementation projects. In his current role Atul serves as technical solution advisor, mentor, and organizational leader for managing near shore and offshore process and operations in itelligence.

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