Synchronize SAP Solution Manager with ARIS Business Architect to Empower Your Organization’s Business Process Management

  • by D. Russell Sloan, Implementation and Governance Specialist — SAP Solution Manager, IBM Global Business Services
  • November 3, 2011
The integration between Software AG’s ARIS for SAP and SAP Solution Manager has become quite robust, but it must be used correctly to be a true enabler, rather than becoming a project in and of itself. Learn how to get SAP Solution Manager and ARIS communicating smoothly in short order so that your project can move on to the business of improving the business. Discover how the synchronization works and what data is stored in ARIS.
Key Concept
Software AG’s ARIS for SAP is a business process modeling tool that is specifically designed for modeling processes to be deployed in the SAP system. The tool has many parts, but ARIS Business Architect for SAP is what is needed to take advantage of content from SAP Solution Manager in the business process models.

You can achieve even more value with SAP Solution Manager by integrating it with other tools. One such tool is ARIS Business Architect for SAP. ARIS Business Architect integrates with SAP Solution Manager for improved business process performance. Before I get into the mechanics, I need to establish a few ground rules and assumptions.

I’m assuming that you have ARIS for SAP NetWeaver 7.2 (although many of these concepts work quite nicely in ARIS for SAP NetWeaver 7.1) installed on a server environment and have licensed the appropriate version of the SAP Solution Manager integration from Software AG.

Now let’s dive into what makes these tools work together. I’m going to focus on the technical aspects of how they integrate, rather than what is or is not a good process model. At the end of the article, I’ll look a little into process modeling, but the emphasis is on the integration. To begin, let’s look at things from the ARIS side.

D. Russell Sloan

D. Russell Sloan is a specialist in project and program governance for IBM. He focuses on the use of SAP Solution Manager for global rollout projects for IBM’s largest customers, having worked with SAP software since 1996. Russell has degrees in accounting and information systems and has been a team and project leader for SAP projects for more than 14 years. He has been developing and deploying software systems for over 30 years.

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