Use Filter and Customer Attributes to Make Large Projects Easier to Navigate

  • by D. Russell Sloan, Implementation and Governance Specialist — SAP Solution Manager, IBM Global Business Services
  • June 8, 2015
SAP projects have a tendency to be quite large, covering a vast array of business processes in a delivered solution. While building the solution, project teams must navigate a Business Process Hierarchy (BPH) that could contain thousands of hierarchy nodes. By using customer attributes and filters, teams can work with only the nodes they are charged with building. The combination of filters and customer attributes is similar to creating a separate project for each team.
Learning Objectives
Reading this article you will learn how to:
  • Configure and use customer attributes for Solution Manager project content beyond documentation
  • Set up and assign attributes to Business Process Hierarchy nodes, transaction codes, IMG objects, and more
  • Use these attributes to filter and report on your project content
Key Concept

Customer attributes aren’t just for documents. They can be created to help manage the Business Process Hierarchy (BPH) itself. Once configured and assigned, customer attributes can be used to filter the BPH to the subset of nodes that meet the filter criteria. This reduces the number of nodes to be navigated by team members and leads working on the project.

Most project teams are organized around functional areas such as finance, manufacturing, warehouse management, and so on. Since scenarios such as order-to-cash collect processes to describe the business in an end-to-end fashion, a single scenario crosses multiple functional areas.

For example, the order-to-cash scenario for standard sales-order management has processes in sales, inventory and warehouse management, customer invoicing, payment receipts, and accounts receivable clearing.

If you’re a member of the finance team, you’ll have processes in multiple scenarios, so, to do your work, you’ll have to continuously navigate up and down the Business Process Hierarchy (BPH).

Wouldn’t it be handy if you could log into Solution Manager and work with only the process nodes that belong to your team? Well… read on.


D. Russell Sloan

D. Russell Sloan is a specialist in project and program governance for IBM. He focuses on the use of SAP Solution Manager for global rollout projects for IBM’s largest customers, having worked with SAP software since 1996. Russell has degrees in accounting and information systems and has been a team and project leader for SAP projects for more than 14 years. He has been developing and deploying software systems for over 30 years.

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