A Project and Process Overview

  • by Amy Stapleton, Founder, Hutch.AI
  • September 15, 2001
Learn about a complete project overview of a consulting company working with a US landscaping supply company.

Company Snapshot

Red Bay manufactures landscaping products and sells them on a wholesale basis to landscaping companies throughout the southern United States. Red Bay’s Sales and Distribution system is separate from its Production and Inventory Management systems, so there is poor visibility between the two. Currently, orders are received via fax into the Sales and Distribution system, and the customer does not get immediate confirmation on whether the ordered goods are available, or when they will be delivered. Red Bay feels that it is losing business to competition due to its inability to provide its customers with timely product availability information. As a first step toward solving this problem, Red Bay would like to link its Sales and Inventory Management systems on a real-time basis. As a next step, Red Bay would like to replace its fax order entry system with a web site that supports E-Commerce, allowing all distributors to enter their orders directly into the web site, as well as access current product availability and order status information.

Amy Stapleton

Amy Stapleton has several decades of experience managing software development projects. She began her career at SAP in Walldorf, Germany. After returning to the US, Amy gained hands-on project management experience in ERP implementations at major corporations across many industries. Amy joined the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in 2001 where she served as an IT Manager. She assisted in the Space Agency’s implementation of an enterprise core financial system using SAP. Amy retired from NASA in 2015 and is now founder of Hutch.AI and an analyst at Opus Research, working in the area of artificial intelligence

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