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by Massimo Manara, SAP Security Consultant, Aglea s.r.l. | Maurizio Binatti, SAP GRC Consultant, Aglea s.r.l. October 2, 2012
SAP Professional Journal/Financials – 

Using SAP GRC 10.0, you can design and develop an integrated approach to respond to operational risks in your enterprise. This approach involves harmonizing departments. It can quantify the monetary benefit (i.e., return on investment) given by different types of risk responses, such as policies to mitigate risk, automated application controls, security, and segregation of duties. You then can measure the effectiveness of the control from a monetary perspective and periodically report to stakeholders on the positive effect of different mitigation activity responses put in place.

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by Maurizio Binatti, SAP GRC Consultant, Aglea s.r.l. December 19, 2011
SAP Professional Journal/Financials/SCM – 
Learn how to measure and assess whether three-way match invoice control has been effectively implemented — in terms of security, segregation of duties (SoD), and processes — to reduce the risk of fraud and monetary losses over the procure-to-pay (P2P) process.