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by Ulli Hoffmann, Managing Director, INIDFAB Computing GmbH July 15, 2007
SAP Professional Journal – 
For years, ABAP developers have longed for a way to write professional, Web-based applications without having to learn HTML or JavaScript, while SAP has longed for a bridge between its ABAP-based applications and those written specifically for the Web. SAP NetWeaver 2004s finally offers a viable solution — Web Dynpro for ABAP (WD4A), a form-based version of the proven, classic Dynpro technology underlying ABAP. This article introduces you to the fundamentals of WD4A programming and the new design time, which is integrated into the ABAP Workbench. It describes the tools available for developing WD4A applications, their core functionalities, when to use them, and for what purpose.