5 Best Ways to Import Non-SAP Data into BW

  • by Mike Curl, Principal Consultant, Bluefin Solutions
  • June 1, 2006
Weigh the benefits and drawbacks of the five most popular ways of importing non-SAP data into your BW system.
Key Concept
Getting external data into BW is usually more challenging than retrieving data from SAP systems. A variety of different methods exists, such as flat files; DB Connect; Universal Data Connect; third-party extraction, transformation, and load tools; and Business Planning and Simulation/Integrated Planning.

Getting data into a data warehouse is usually the most time-consuming activity on a project. Typically, teams spend up to 80 percent of the effort in data warehouse projects on data acquisition.

However, SAP has changed the rules for getting R/3 data into BW with the provision of business content (ready-to-go extractors, InfoSources, InfoCubes, and queries). This means that you can throw traditional data warehousing time frames out the window. One of my clients was recently astonished when I managed to demonstrate a series of sales reports containing data from his development R/3 system on the same day that the BW system became available.

Importing data from R/3 into BW is only part of the story. Most BW implementations integrate non-SAP data, so it’s crucial to know the available data extraction methods.

Mike Curl

Mike Curl is technical director and principal consultant for Bluefin Solutions, a UK-based SAP partner. Mike has more than 10 years’ consultancy experience, covering a wide range of SAP technologies and industries. Mike is a recognized BW expert who has been working with BW since its earliest versions. He helps organizations define and implement their BW strategies, and he also has a particular interest and track record in optimizing the performance of high-volume BW systems.

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