CRM Text Management Facilitates Customer Communication

  • by Susana Messias, SAP CRM Consultant, BBKO Consulting
  • October 15, 2006
CRM Text Management allows you to copy business partner data and create a view of all the follow-up documentation for a customer issue. Learn how to configure CRM Text Management to meet your business needs.
Key Concept

A text type is the text classification, such as a detailed customer description, internal information, or header information. SAP provides several text types, but you can create others that fit your business needs better.

A text object establishes the connection between a business object and a text type. It defines the allowed texts for each business object (e.g., lead item document, business activity, and business partner master data).

A text determination procedure represents a group of text types that you maintain or display in a business context. It also contains the additional settings for each text type — for example, if the text is required, if it should only be displayed, or the kind of access sequence the system should follow (used for copy control and to set a default text).

Say a customer (business partner) calls you about a problem with one of your products. A front-office employee documents this initial call and records the relevant business partner information. Back-office employees then can refer to this document to view the history of the problem. As other employees add follow-up information, you can use CRM Text Management to easily maintain the flow of information from one document to another.

CRM Text Management allows you to copy important business partner text data into a business document. In addition, you can set the system to copy information from the initial document into the follow-up document, avoiding the need to navigate into the document flow to see all the previous notes.

This functionality also can save you time, because you can set the system to determine default text automatically from text you commonly use. In this case, the user only needs to add more detailed information to the default text. Here are some options you can configure in CRM Text Management to meet your business needs.

Susana Messias

Susana Messias has an administration academic background and has been a CRM business consultant since 2002. She has participated in several CRM projects implementing interaction center solutions with sales, service, and marketing functionalities, and she is certified in these solutions.

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