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Product Packages Provide Improved Sales Offerings

  • by Erwin Vrolijk, Managing Consultant CRM, SAP Netherlands
  • Robbert van der Ploeg, Managing Consultant CRM, Acorel B.V. The Netherlands
  • November 15, 2008
Product Packages enable you to bind together products, sold together as a bundle, in the form of packages with sales items, services, and contract items. Learn how to use this functionality within SAP CRM 2007 to offer a complete solution in the sales process to match your customer requirements.
Key Concept

The Product Package is a generic term for the combination of a core product with additional services and incentive products. A Product Package has a super ordinate product that bundles the package components. The offer is a service order quotation resulting in one or several follow-up documents such as sales order, service order, or service contract.

In many industries, products are not sold individually but in a group of different products — a package — that is sold as a whole. An organization can use this package to present to its customers an offering of products packaged together with special pricing. The package items may consist of sales items, services, and contract items. The customer can select or deselect optional items or choose among different items.

Within SAP CRM 2007 this functionality is called Product Packages. This functionality enables companies to offer a more complete and unique solution to match customers' needs. Another target of bundling products is to come up with multiple packages where each one of them serves a different target group of buyers or buyer use case.

Product Packages were originally developed for the telecom industry and were available in the Industry Solution Telecom release with SAP CRM 2005 Support Package 02. SAP created Product Packages to combine the mobile rate plan with a certain type of cell phone and a welcome gift. Each kind of Product Package could serve a different target group. A package for a mobile rate plan with unlimited minutes and a smartphone is targeted at a business user, while a teenager would choose a new type of cell phone with a camera in combination with fewer minutes and an SMS-bundle.

Erwin Vrolijk

Erwin Vrolijk is a registered CRM professional at Beeckesteijn Business School and a managing consultant for SAP in the Netherlands. He has been working as an SAP CRM consultant since 2001. Most recently he implemented CRM Sales and Service scenarios for a customer in the consumer products industry.

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Robbert van der Ploeg

Robbert van der Ploeg is one of the founders of and a managing consultant at Acorel in the Netherlands. He has nine years of experience with implementing SAP CRM for clients in different industries. Three years ago he founded a Dutch consultancy company that focuses on the area of SAP CRM. Most recently he was working together with Erwin in an implementation project with SAP CRM 2006s.

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