SAP CRM 7.0: Use Multilevel Categorization to Determine the Service and Response Profiles of Service Requests

  • by Rudiger Gobel, Senior Consultant, ecenta AG
  • October 19, 2011
Multilevel categorization allows you to determine response times based on categories of issues instead of focusing on abstract priority values. Learn how to extend Service Level Agreement (SLA) determination by multilevel categorization through customization. You can determine the SLA profile based on a category or subcategory of the service request and you can establish response times based on the reason for the customer inquiry. You can enable this solution without coding in standard SAP CRM.
Key Concept
Multilevel categorization is an application in SAP CRM that allows you to define categorization schemas, with individual categories within the schema. It offers a flexible way to categorize and group transactions such as service requests. Based on the categories, you can, for example, determine related transactions or determine a service and response profile with the help of a service product.

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) determination profile is a flexible method to determine service and response profiles for service requests. For each transaction type, you can determine in which order the system should look for existing SLA profiles on service contracts, service product items, reference objects, business partners, and organizational units.

You can use multilevel categorization to extend this functionality. You can set up several categorization schemas for the service request, each with categories and subcategories. With the help of service products this allows you, for instance, to create different SLA profiles for diverse types of customer issues. A company-wide system failure requires a much faster response than a single printer jamming, and multilevel categorization gives you the tools to determine different service and response profiles in each case. Three possible use cases for using multilevel categorization in terms of SLA determination are described below, as well as the actual configuration steps to apply them.

The service request is a new feature with SAP CRM 7.0. To learn more about its functions and uses, see Bettina Giese’s CRM Expert article “A Detailed Introduction to SAP CRM Service Request Management,” at:

Rudiger Gobel

Dr. Rüdiger Göbel is a senior consultant for SAP CRM with ecenta AG. His specialties are Service, Interaction Center WebClient, WebUI, Sales, and Marketing.

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