See All Your Incomplete Sales Orders with Just One Transaction

  • by Matt Mantooth, Education Consultant in the SAP CRM, SAP NetWeaver Administration, SAP ECC, and SAP NetWeaver BW Curriculum, SAP
  • July 15, 2007
See how you can use the incompleteness procedure along with the application log to quickly find incomplete transactions in SAP CRM. This process provides similar functionality to the R/3 Sales and Distribution transaction V.01.
Key Concept

The incompleteness procedure is a list of incompleteness checks against fields contained in a transaction. You can use it to influence the warnings or error messages that the system should identify and write to the application log during transaction processing. You assign an incompleteness group containing one or more incompleteness procedures to a transaction type or item category to identify all the relevant checks that the system should perform in the transaction.

Recently, I received an email inquiry from a former student who was in search of a comparable transaction to the V.01 transaction in R/3 Sales and Distribution (SD), which displays a list of incomplete transactions. He needed a way to quickly retrieve a list of incomplete sales orders from the SAP CRM system. He described to me a very painful situation in which an auditor had to go through each of the previous day’s sales orders to verify them for completeness and make sure they were free of errors. For example, the auditors had to check that all sales orders had a purchase order from the customer before the order was considered complete in the system and relevant for further processing.

As I thought about possible solutions for this problem, I remembered an exercise from the transaction processing unit of my recent CR100 CRM Base Customizing class that dealt with the incompleteness procedure. Using the incompleteness procedure, you can define when the system should consider a business transaction incomplete and what message type the system should issue to the application log during data processing — for example, an error or warning. You can restrict the incompletion check to individual transaction types, item categories, or a combination of transaction types for an individual business partner.

The scope of the check can differ for each object. For example, the system may check different fields in a sales order than it checks in an opportunity. Also, for the same transaction, you may have special requirements for individual business partners that include a mandatory field, such as a PO number that is always required when creating a sales order for customer number 414475.

Although transaction V.01 is not available in SAP CRM, you can obtain the same list of incomplete sales orders by using the application log (transaction SLG1) in combination with a defined incompleteness procedure associated with your sales order transaction types. I’ll explain how to set up the incompleteness procedure and then show you how it works with the application log. This process applies to SAP CRM 3.0 and later.

Matt Mantooth

Matt Mantooth is an education consultant at SAP in the areas of SAP CRM, SAP NetWeaver Application Server, SAP ECC, SAP ERP HCM, and SAP NetWeaver BW. He has more than eight years of SAP CRM and technical consulting experience. Matt holds an SAP CRM 7.0 associate level certification and a bachelor’s degree in information systems from the University of Alabama, Birmingham.

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