Make the Most of Your Warehouse Management with SAP SCM EWM

  • by Ashish Saxena, Senior Manager, Supply Chain Execution, Amazon
  • December 15, 2008
Understand the warehouse structure in the new SAP SCM Extended Warehouse Management system. SAP has provided new functionality and components in the warehouse structure to manage everything from simple to complex warehouses.
Key Concept

The new SAP SCM Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) system has new structure elements in addition to the standard warehouse components available in previous versions (SAP ERP Central Component, EWM, or older). These new elements help scale the warehouse functionality from a simple layout warehouse to a complex processes-based warehouse. Some of the other new features include integrated task management, slotting, and labor management.

SAP has recently launched a new warehouse management module as part of its SCM solution called SAP SCM Extended Warehouse Management (SAP SCM EWM). It is one of the first warehouse management systems to meet different-sized business requirements—small to medium to complex warehouse operations. There are also several new embedded features such as labor management, material flow systems integration, slotting, activity areas, and overall better strategies to manage warehouse operations, particularly warehouse structure. A warehouse structure is the starting point of setting up a warehouse management system and mapping it with the physical layout is an extensive exercise. A good warehouse mapping exercise helps drive business process efficiency. Because this is a new system, there is limited knowledge about it in the market, but high interest about its new capabilities.

Ashish Saxena

Ashish Saxena is senior manager, supply chain execution, at Amazon. He was previously a senior director at Cognizant Technology Solutions and associate partner at IBM’s Supply Chain practice. He has more than 14 years of experience, including working in supply chain strategy, planning, execution, and technology in multiple industries.

An SAP SCM planning and execution subject matter expert, Ashish has been working with SAP for more than10 years, and has successfully delivered several large-scale global SAP projects. He has helped transform supply chains in wide range of industries, including automotive, retail, energy, consumer products, third-party logistics, and pharmaceutical sectors. His most recent focus is on supply chain digitization and analytics. 

In addition to advising and contributing to SCM Expert, Ashish is a regular speaker at the SAPinsider SCM conference. For information on other SAPinsider conferences, click here.

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