SAP QM Vendor Release: Putting Quality Management in Control of Vendor/Material Releases

  • by Doug TenBrock Sr., Senior QM/MM Consultant, Enowa
  • July 2, 2010
Discover the integration power of SAP Quality Management vendor release and what you need to set up to trigger the functionality.
Key Concept

The vendor release date is usually set either far into the future (which means when it’s released, it’s permanent) or it is an actual vendor/material review date. If it is entered as a review date, then you must monitor the dates to see if the review is due to be performed. The actual review steps vary by company but most have a procedure in place for conducting a vendor/material review, such as a site visit or review history. In both cases, entering the release date signifies the vendor/material review is complete and purchasing can begin buying.

With SAP Quality Management (SAP QM) vendor release, purchasing can clearly see whether or not a vendor/material combination has been released in the purchase order create screen because an error message appears if it has not been released. Once the error message appears, purchasing can then contact the quality department to let them know that the release needs to be performed. However, when SAP QM vendor release is implemented, it is important to have the internal procedures already in place to ensure vendor/material releases are done ahead of time. This way, purchasing can avoid the error messages altogether.

In my opinion, the SAP QM vendor release functionality is not being implemented as often as it should. One reason is that many clients are not aware the functionality is available. A number of clients I’ve spoken with said they would have implemented this functionality had they known it was available. You will see in this article how powerful SAP QM vendor release is and how it is one of the easier parts of QM to implement. The SAP QM vendor release functionality allows the quality department to control the release of vendors when there is a new product, revision, or change of vendor. The SAP QM vendor release functionality ensures that premature buying (i.e., buying before samples have been approved by the quality assurance (QA) department for initial buy) is not possible and gives the QA department the chance to review and release the vendor/material combination for purchase.

Doug TenBrock Sr.

Doug TenBrock is a senior QM/MM consultant with Enowa with 15-plus years of SAP project experience. His experience includes 17 full life cycle projects, project management, and the integration of all SAP modules. Doug’s industry exposure includes chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, bio tech, health care, and high tech. The knowledge that he has gained from the diversity of the projects worked on has helped him create tools for streamlining system development, effective training of users, and assistance to colleagues in system problem solving. Doug is a team player who ensures that all modules successfully cross the finish line together.

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